International work

Every single lighthouse is one link in a global network of navigational aids. As such, they are part of world heritage, dependent on cooperation across borders to be maintained. The challenges associated with technological development, automation and dehumanization are largely the same all over the world, and Norway can gain a lot from the exchange of experiences with other countries. Lindesnes Lighthouse is working on this through the participation in IALA’s EEP committee.

The website, is a dissemination portal developed on behalf of“Kystverksmusea” by Lindesnes Lighthouse museum. The site is growing and is continually developed with more collaborations, projects, films and pictures. We are proud to show off an international facility for the dissemination of coastal culture and lighthouse history.We are passionate about “the first world wide web” lighthouses.

We would also like to recommend the exhibition, “Fyrenes Verden – Verdens fyr” – a photo exhibition produced by the lighthouse museum. At the moment this is on show in the eatery, “Fyrgryta”. Come and enjoy a selection of the World’s lighthouses while enjoying some refreshments. The lighthouses have led to the exchange of commodities and recipes between nations. We enjoy sharing this cultural heritage.